Apr 3 2014

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With the vast level of competitiveness in today’s business market, your business needs to have an edge. Customers are everywhere, but do they even know that you exist? If so, why should they choose your products/services? 

The first few questions you should ask yourself is: How many people know about my business? Do I have the necessary materials on the web and on paper to properly advertise my brand to my community? Do those materials/advertisements reach potential clients who are searching for my services now or in the future? If your answer is no or maybe, you need to take action now! 

There are two primary goals every business owner / marketeer should have: First, be on the radar of potential clientele. Second, have the professional, well designed content material available for potential clientele. 

What your business needs…

marketing campaign is vital to giving your company an edge. You need a brand that people will know and trust. An attractive brand, logo and advertising content will let prospective clients know that you are knowledgeable and professional. Brochures and informative material about your business is key to converting potential consumers into clients. Having materials both in print and on the web will put your company on the radar, and having well designed material will attract consumers in your community and surrounding communities.

After your brand is set, content written, and advertising created you need to establish your web presence. With the recent emergence of social media, business’ can create free pages on social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google and Pinterest. Create a page for your business and start publishing content (information about your industry, information on your company, engaging articles about your industry.) Building a community of friends and followers on social media sites will help brand your business in your respective community.

Next, you need a website. Your website should have information about your company, well written content about your industry, products/services and contact info. The next step with your website is getting on the first page of Google when your products/services are searched for.

Another effective tool for reaching consumers is email marketing. Create a list of emails and then use a free program such as mail chimp to send out an email to past, current and potential clients. This email will keep people engaged with your business and create brand loyalty.

These three marketing tools are very important to the continuing success of your business. Remember, advertising is not a sprint.. it’s a marathon. So, your web efforts are an investment in your business’ brand. Lead your business into the future with a strong brand and big web presence.

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