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Our main services

  • Print Marketing

    Brand and advertise your business throughout Queens and  Brooklyn. Advertising available in all 8 of our newspapers as well as our quarterly magazine "It's Queens."
  • Web Marketing

    Brand your business in Queens and Brooklyn, NYC. Advertising available on all of our web platforms. 8 Community Websites, 20 Neighborhood Blogs, Social Media Pages, Daily Newsticker Email Blast. Want a website that comes up on the first page of Google? We do that!
  • Mobile Marketing

    Geo-targeted AD campaigns on mobile devices. Want to have an AD on Candy Crush only to people playing in your zip code? We do that. We design mobile landing pages for your business. Short-text campaigns for any type of business. (ex: text the word "kiwanis" to the number "21321" )

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Blog and Testimonials

From the blog

Happy Clients

BQE Media has gone above and beyond with the redesign of my company. They made me a top of the line, beautiful website, an SEO website which attracts new potential clients to my services, implemented a social media and email marketing program and made new beautiful logos and stationary designs. Their design skills and marketing knowledge has taken my company into the 21st century. Thank you so much, BQE Media!

- Lockman Security

BQE Media has done a great job branding my company throughout Forest Hills and Queens. Their Marketing Package has allowed me to reach potential customers while also reaching their large community of readers. - Shabbir, Signarama Forest Hills

Great Marketing Program

BQE Media has implemented an effective marketing strategy for my business. Their marketing package (SEO, social media, email marketing) has gotten my website on the first page of Google and has attracted new clients as well as branded my name throughout Queens.

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